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Made of fine quality material, practical, easy to install and use, wide application range, has a long service life.

The mobile signal repeater provides the ultimate solution in any area where communications can not work properly due to signal leakage, without interference, and could also improve the indoor electromagnetic environment.
Economical and practical, safe and reliable, communication fluency.
LCD display, mini design, lighting protection, wide coverage.
Use ALC technology, adjusting the range automatically.
Easy to install and use, can solve the signal problems.
Low radiation value, safer and no harm to the human body.
Perfect for house, home, office and so on to use.

Main material: ABS+metal
Color: white+black
Uplink frequency: 890-915MHz/1710-1785MHz/1920-1990MHz
Downlink frequency: 935-960MHz/1805-1880MHz/2110-2180MHz
Power: -70~-40dBm / FA (1.23MHz)
Gain: 60±3DB
Max output power: +23dBm / ±3DBM total power
Impedance: 50Ω
Seclusion: >70dB
Power supply: AC 110-220V
Connector type: N female connector
Tri-band repeater size: 230 * 185 * 20mm / 9.1 * 7.3 * 0.8in
Tri-band repeater screen size: 44 * 19mm / 1.7 * 0.7in
Black cable length: 10 meters
Package size: 400 * 300 * 190mm / 15.7 * 11.8 * 7.5in
Package weight: 3250g / 7.2lb

Package list:
1 * Tri-band Repeater (for GSM900MHz+DCS1800MHz+WCDMA2100MHz)
1 * Plug
1 * LPDA Antenna
1 * Indoor Ceiling Antenna
1 * Black Cable
1 * Bag of Mounting Accessories

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